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One View Project

Paula Cooper

Paula Cooper

I am a self taught photographer living in an area of Norfolk known as The Brecks and have the whole of Thetford Forest on the doorstep. I have lived in Norfolk for 20 years and think of it very much as my home.


All the images were taken at Lynford lake over roughly a 6 month period last year, all from the same viewpoint. All were taken at sunset or in the blue hour with the exception of one which was at sunrise.

I was getting frustrated with the lack of drama in the landscape and tried to come up with a way to make the Norfolk landscape look a bit more dramatic.

I used the mirrorless Panasonic Lumix G7 and G80 along with a variable ND filter to allow longer exposures. All were a single long exposure (most around 2.5 - 6 seconds) with intentional camera movement to create the look I was after.

I tend to end up taking a lot of images to get one or two that work well.The images were then edited in Lightroom to adjust levels etc but with nothing is done in Photoshop.

I wanted to create new worlds within each image and have found that everyone sees them in their own way. Every time I look at the images I see something different which keeps me coming back to them and looking at them in a different light.

I was not aiming for technical perfection but to produce an image that I love and hope others do too.

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