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Overnight in Bamburgh

Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Richard is an outdoor photographer based near Malton in theYorkshire Wolds, UK. A passion for landscapes and the great outdoors drives my photography journey with particular interest in weather patterns and the changing of the seasons.


It was a fleeting visit to a famous stretch of British coastline. I had one evening and one morning to photograph Northumberland’s iconic castle Bamburgh. I was going out whatever the weather and wanted to photograph on the sands and rocks from the North. Now, I have to admit this was a trophy bag but it's difficult to shy away from this great wonder on our shores. On the evening, I was the only photographer around with just the most fantastic light. However, I wasn't alone with dog walkers and families enjoying an evening walk on the beach.

A 10 stop ND filter cleared the beach for me with a long exposure to give the scene a sense of calm and isolation. With the colours and light deteriorating I used the incoming tide to add foreground detail but I've decided to keep human interaction on the beach for this one with a shorter exposure. The following a morning and once again, Bamburgh delivered. This time with a tide heading out, revealing fantastic rocks and pools to incorporate. I picked my composition. Portrait this time and searched around to get more sky and colour in the frame. I wasn't alone again, with two other photographers. To be expected really. We had a chat and they left precisely at sunrise. Onwards to work I presume. I waited for a few minutes and then got my final shot as the sun rose over the sands and rocks.

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