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Waterland, The Netherlands

Simone Opdam

Simone Opdam

Simone Opdam is a passionate Dutch nature photographer from Waterland with a special liking for landscape and macro photography. Her images are characterised by atmosphere and softness. She loves to capture the landscape of her beloved Waterland, preferably around sunrise. Travel photography is another branch of photography she likes. Her favourite destination being Great Britain. Simone is involved in various nature conservation organisations in the region, she runs photography workshops and works as a photo tour guide (Scotland and Wales). She regularly exhibits her images locally.


The character of my home region, Waterland, is found in the ever present water. Large parts of the region consist of land literally floating on water. The vegetation is dominated by reed beds, fresh green in Spring and a golden-brown in Autumn. To me, the beauty of this region with its wide landscape lies in the interplay of water and skies. The colour of the reeds underlining its moods. Different skies evoke different atmospheres. These four pictures show just that. I took them at roughly the same spot and yet their look and feel differ a lot.

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