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David Moorhouse

David Moorhouse

An enthusiastic amateur photographer just enjoying the great out doors trying to seek out those more remote locations.

I love to get out in the natural environment & soak up natures beauty in all it’s forms. I consider myself lucky living in Cumbria having the Yorkshire Dales & the English Lake District within easy reach of my doorstep.

Not far from my home I have access to some remarkable limestone pavements where I have made a project of photographing the trees & the glacial erratic boulders scattered along the pavements. The larger ones are of limestone with a scattering of smaller old red sandstone rocks brought down by the ice sheet from North Cumbria.

The trees are stunted & contorted due to their exposure & environment & I believe they are of great age. Below some of the trees there are species of lichens which only seem to grow beneath the tree canopies.

All the areas are Sites of Special Scientific Interest & although in some areas they were plundered for Victorian rockeries they continue to provide some unique habitats for rare flora & fauna.

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