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Love of Trees

Stephen McNally

Stephen McNally

I am a black and white landscape photographer i use both digital and film to capture my landscapes mostly which are photographed using long exposures, I live with in a hours drive of the Lakes, Peak District,Yorkshire Dales and North Wales.


There is nothing better than photographing my favourite trees that I visit on a regular basis at different times of the year.

Recording their changing shapes like The Dancer which twists and turns as the young tree looks for light among the older trees in a newly created countryside park of a old slag heap in St Helens Merseyside.

First light is probably the most photographed tree in wales at Llyn Pardarn Nth Wales

Shivering tree a Hawthorne twisted and bent by the wind as the tree grows among the limestone pavement at Holme Park Fell Cumbria,

Wood pool trees another countryside park for public use that use to be an old coal slag heap local to where I live in Newton Le Willows Merseyside I waited for the right conditions of fog to enhance the atmosphere of these trees.

The Dancer

Shivering tree

Wood Pool Sun

First Light


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