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Cwm Bychan and The Heights

Anthony Shaughnessy

Anthony Shaughnessy

Anthony Shaughnessy is a full-time landscape photographer based in Cheshire but spending most of his time in the more mountainous areas of Snowdonia and the Lake District. He sells his prints at art fairs and online and one day hopes to make an actual profit.


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In North Wales, the area east of Beddgelert is wild and rugged and little frequented compared to the honeypots of Snowdon and the Glyders. Paths are sketchy and few and the ground is like a saturated sponge most of the time.

Taking photographs of the mountains one might think the most significant features are the mountains but what's at your feet can be just as important. Many places in the bigger hills consist of uninspiring grass but Cwm Bychan and Yr Arddu ("The Heights") are rich in heather and a wonderful kind of rough red-tinted rock that outcrops all over. These create great foreground interest in a variety of lights and weathers. Although I first went there hoping to get shots of the famous peaks I've been returning several times just because of these textures and colours.

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