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The Shape of Water

Nicki Gwynn-Jones

Nicki Gwynn-Jones

Photography became a passion for Nicki whilst living in Florida with her family. She uses the camera as a tool for expressing her love of art and nature in a creative way and will happily spend hours immersed in the Orcadian landscape in all weathers.

Nicki is a keen swimmer and a member of the celebrated Orkney Polar Bear Club. Swimming in crystal clear seas all year round without a wetsuit can be a challenge but is always a delight, especially for the encounters with curious wildlife such as seals and fulmars. A long tailed duck fly-past is always a special treat, however she is not so sure about the jellyfish. In 2012 Nicki was awarded a Fellowship in Visual Art by the Royal Photographic Society. She has exhibited extensively both in Britain and abroad and has work hanging in homes around the world.


I took these images on a trip to Florida in January. I had injured my back during the journey to the US and was in a desperate state for a few days. Befuddled by large doses of ibuprofen and wondering whether I would ever be pain free again, I went to see The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro's Oscar winning film.

The dreamlike, haunting, other-worldly quality of the film suited my mood perfectly and affected me deeply, sweeping me along on a seductive tide of melancholy and making me aware of the shape of my own tears. There was no other possible title for the images. Read Nicki Gwynn-Jones Featured Photographer interview.

Nicki Gwynn-Jones ~ The Shape of Water No 1 Nicki Gwynn-Jones ~ The Shape of Water No 1 Nicki Gwynn-Jones ~ The Shape of Water No 3 Nicki Gwynn-Jones ~ The Shape of Water No 4

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