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Rocks of San Andreas Fault

Goran Prvulovic

Goran Prvulovic

I am a software engineer and photographer based out of Southern Alberta since 1997. First inspired by the beautiful rocky mountains that I call my home, my pictures have focused on capturing the beauty and uniqueness the world of landscape photography has to offer.


Goran Prvulovic landscape photographer

The area around the San Andreas Fault line is a must-see for any photographer passing through Southern California. From jagged canyons and protruding rocks to hidden creeks and secluded oasis’s, this assortment of landscapes inspired me to make this recent collection.

Choosing to stick with black and white photos, these shots show the mystery and drama behind every shadow, crevice, and detail whilst creating an almost otherworldly atmosphere to behold. These photos were shot in the Andreas Canyon near the Palm Springs, California.

Goran Prvulovic ~Rocks of San Andreas Fault - Cactus Colony Goran Prvulovic Rocks of San Andreas Fault - Broken Rock Goran Prvulovic . ~ Rocks of San Andreas Fault - Heads Goran Prvulovic Rocks of San Andreas Fault -On the Edge

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