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Avebury in Snow

Andy Gawthrope

Andy Gawthrope

I was born and spent my early years in Scotland, being taken to all sorts of places in my parent's caravan. In those early years I must have seen a good proportion of the Western isles, the Trossachs etc


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Avebury is famous for its Neolithic site. A bank, ditch and stone circle some 350m in diameter. It's not too far from home and so sometimes I find myself amongst its stones. For a while, I'd had the idea of some snowy, winter photographs and when a Sunday at the end of April 2018 dawned suitably cold and snowy I grasped the opportunity. Avebury normally has throngs of tourists milling around its stones but the cold and snow kept them away - even the National Trust representative selling memberships in the car park!

As I stood in front of that pock-marked standing stone, wrapped-up warm in boots, gloves, hat and big duvet jacket I couldn't help feel the enormity of time wash over me. That stone has stood there for millennia enduring every freezing winter and there, in front of it, was little me, all dressed-up in modern clothing taking its picture! If only it could speak - what stories could it tell!

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