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Water in Motion

Linda McKnight

Linda McKnight

I have been a book designer, art director and photographer for several decades. I primarily designed photography or illustrated books and have become intimately familiar with the work of many photographers, whose work has influenced my own photography in both conscious and unconscious ways.


Linda McKnight landscape photography 1

Every second of every day, something of great beauty and mystery appears and then disappears. We often miss these events because we are lost in thought or maybe focused on photographing that “great shot” and we don’t see something that is right there. For the image taken at Lassen National Park, I was busy adjusting the settings on my camera to experiment with different shots of the water. A small bird kept getting in the shots. I finally realized that it was an ouezel feeding her babies in a nest built on the waterfall. The mother was so fast, that I was never able to photograph both the mother and the babies at the same time, but it was an incredible gift to experience what was happening over the waterfall.

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