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Dancing Birches

Phil Corley

Phil Corley

I am a keen (or is that obsessive) landscape photographer living in Cheshire (England) who loves to be outdoors practicing my photography.   To me photography is addictive; there is always something to learn – not just the techniques, not just the way to compose, nor how to handle the light; but learning how to capture the way the landscape makes me feel. I know this will be a never ending journey as around each bend there will be another scene to capture and a lot more to learn.


I have been recently working with Paul Gallagher on fine tuning my photography and Paul suggested I should look at working more in woodlands and in black & white.  

To be honest I am not someone who likes photographing woodlands as I find it difficult to find a composition with all the chaos presented by all those trees - surely a lone tree is enough in an image ?  Give me big views and fine light and I am happy; woods on a bright sunny day and I am well out of my comfort zone!  However; I found the bright sunlight worked well, providing great side/back-lighting that complimented the fresh green foliage of early summer.

This series of 4 images were made at Hodge Close Quarry in the English Lake District and the combination of sunlit leaves with a stiff breeze gave me an impression of the trees dancing, so I utilised a 6 Stop ND to try and capture the movement; which I think worked.  

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