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The first sign of spring

Charlotte Bellamy

Charlotte Bellamy

I am a passionate photographer who will try my hand at any subject, but with a deep love of photographing the landscape. On moving to The Netherlands in 2012 from the UK, I initially developed my landscape photography interests due to my lack of Dutch language skills! My work is now developing with the use of ICM and double exposure techniques inspired by Doug Chinnery, Chris Friel and Valda Bailey. I love the ability to express my creativity through my camera.



Charlotte Bellamy landscape photographer

Here in The Netherlands I am out walking my dog every day. I have the time to notice the changes in nature as the seasons change. This year after a very long and cold winter, the arrival of green in the woodland where I walk filled me with so much energy. Inspired by the work of Doug Chinnery (and have been lucky enough to attend one of his workshops) I have been experimenting with ICM. Having started with complete abstract ICM, I have found that in woodlands I want my images to look a little different to 'all the other up down ICM images' so I found that by retaining some detail it added interest, but with enough movement to add a feeling.

I find ICM photography to be therapeutic, challenging, rewarding and frustrating all at once! Every time you move your camera, the image is different - that can be wonderfully refreshing, but downright annoying if you are trying to replicate something you have already captured and love. After much practice and experimentation, I have found a set of camera settings that seem to work well for the style I am trying to create. As a 'traditional style' landscape photographer i already understand the importance of light and composition to create the final image, although it took me a while to realise the importance of these in ICM, but now that is stuck as well and it makes a huge difference. For a couple of these images i saw the location, then stood there waiting for the sun to fall just where i wanted it - one very bored dog!

When I find a location that i am inspired by i will return when the lighting and weather are optimal. Looking at images from various shoots at the same location helps me really identify what makes the images I love to stand out from others that are ok but missing something.

These 4 images I created in the Veluwe National Park in The Netherlands in April. For me, the contrast of the bright green of the new leaves against the brown of the trunks is integral to the images. Whether it be branches of the trees or the fresh ground foliage. With a slight camera movement, the bright patches of sun on the floor of the woodland turned to sparkles, which add to the feeling of spring magic.

These 4 images are part of an ongoing study of the woodlands in the Veluwe National park throughout the year.

Charlotte Bellamy landscape photographer 1

Charlotte Bellamy landscape photographer 2

Charlotte Bellamy landscape photographer 3

Charlotte Bellamy landscape photographer 4

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