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Iveta Lazdina Small Pleasures.jpg Iveta Is Influenced As An Artist By The Places She Visits And The Emotions The Experience Evokes. She Works In Combination With Icm And Layering

Abstract Rhythm and Blue Notes

The Abstract Rhythm And Blue Notes Exhibition at the Horsebridge Arts Centre is a celebration of photo expressionism taking place in Whitstable, Kent, from 16-28th November 2022. more

9.delicate Meadow Rue

Jocelyn Horsfall

Impermanence, imperfection and decay will always provide visual opportunities but are just one part of Nature’s story. more

Tim Allott

New Beginnings

In April 2021 they asked six talented photographers to make some images around the theme of “New Beginnings” and the real prospect of the COVID-19 pandemic being on the decline. more


Interview with Greg Stewart of Kozu Books

We work very closely with the photographers in order to create a photo book that totally reflects their identity, this is crucial to the finished book and its success. more


Intimate abstractions

While I still enjoy taking shots of grand vistas in dramatic lighting conditions my recent work has tended towards more intimate details of the landscape. more


The first sign of spring

  Here in The Netherlands I am out walking my dog every day. I have the time to notice the changes in nature as the seasons change. This year after a very long and cold winter, the arrival of green in the woodland where I walk filled me with so much energy. Inspired by the work of Doug Chinnery (and have been lucky enough to attend one more


Thomas Peck’s Critiques

Much photography is descriptive in a literal sense. Sharp lenses, high resolution cameras transcribe in great detail and clarity whatever subject the photographer choses. The viewer recognises instantly what is being shown; as a result interpretation is relatively simple. That is not the case with Doug Chinnery’s wonderful moody seascape view above. (Click here for other articles Doug Chinnery has written for On Landscape.) Here we have the opposite of the ‘straight shot’. The norms of photography have been subverted. more

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