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Keynvor Atlantek

Gary Swann | Keynvor Atlantek | On Landscape

Gary Swann

If I’m not meandering through woodland (usually lost) then I’m probably wandering along the Cornish coastline. Either way, that’s where you will find me with my camera.


Inspired by Rachael Talibart, my coastal photography has recently changed tack to focus on the ocean as a discrete subject. In doing so I’ve discovered a passion for wave photography. The ocean is in constant motion, interacting with light, weather and geology to produce unending moods, shapes and tones.

Released from the shackles of the tripod, I enjoy the freedom of shooting handheld and feel a greater sense of engagement with the elements. My aspiration is to try and capture the spirit of the ocean as I experience it.

These four images are from one exhilarating morning in Cornwall shooting the Atlantic Ocean (Keynvor Atlantek in Cornish).

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