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First Morning Lights

Ivan Di Marco

Ivan Di Marco

I am an Italian landscape photographer living in UK. To me landscape photography is a perfect match, I love being outside: the sense of isolation, the mountains and the empty beaches in the first light of morning or the epic soft light at sunset... the mood felt when you're there is hard to tell; it's simply great and I need it always some more! My camera is the way I create a connection with the elements and my images always try to share exactly how I feel when I am in the outdoor. I don't consider myself shy but living in a super busy capital like London where squeezing, queuing and running everyday simply leads me to look for a bit of peace and quiet away from the crowds.


I picked those 4 images because all of them were taken at sunrise,
during the very first light of the morning, as the title of the set suggests.
As a landscape photographer I often avoid taking images during the
day, when the light could be too harsh and the shadows too dense.
Instead, I enjoy the incredible feeling of the early mornings, with no one
around and that particular cold, but soft light that starts to hit the land or
the coast.

I tried to include 4 completely different kind of locations that look at their
best when photographed at sunrise.

The Lake District with Wastwater

Portland in Dorset with the rocky beach of Church Ope Cove

Calscio in Italy

Holkham Bay in Norfolk

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