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The Hebridean sea

Margaret Soraya

Margaret Soraya

Photographer Margaret Soraya has been photographing landscapes for 21 years since first relocating to the Highlands of Scotland. She has been awarded the Master Photographers Association Travel & Landscape Photographer of the year (UK) for the past 4 years and recently became the overall Scottish Master Photographer of the year 2017.


As a child, my earliest and most significant and happiest memories belong to days spent by the sea.

The sound of waves crashing, the smell of sea air, feel of the sand bring with them associations of contentment and an affinity with water. This has become the driving force behind much of my landscape photography.

I spend much of my time on the Scottish islands seeking out remote places and to create imagery. All of my most powerful images have been made in times of aloneness. It is solitude that allows me to be at my most creative. The images in this portfolio were all made on the beaches of the Isle of Harris during the winter months when the weather was wild and the beaches were empty.


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