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Escher’s Dream

Alexandra Wesche

Alexandra Wesche

I am an amateur photographer from Germany who is into landscapes and stories. I like to discover both on my daily walks through the woods with my sighthounds and on occasional vacations.


The tree alley which is the subject of these photographs is likely one of the most photographed locations in Germany, at least regarding trees.

Whenever I visit such a well known place I challenge myself to ignore all the images I have seen and to find a different take on it. At the same time, I'm always afraid of doing something that is too affected, too stilted. I don't want to be original for originality's sake.

In this case, the visit happened shortly after I had switched camera systems from Sony to Fuji and I now had a dedicated button for multiple exposures. It's not something that I had done since switching to digital 12 years ago, because it doesn't work for me in Photoshop. On this day I had so much fun experimenting and playing with my camera that results were secondary. There are still a couple of images that I quite like. The light and the clouds were changing rapidly and this moody atmosphere along with the graphic quality of the trees and winding path inspired me to create something that reminds me of Escher's drawings or Kafka's stories. At first, it was accidental, but I noticed it at the time and went with it.

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