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Sunset Festival

Goran Prvulovic

Goran Prvulovic

I am a software engineer and photographer based out of Southern Alberta since 1997. Carrying on my father's legacy as a self-taught photographer himself, the style of my pictures focuses on the beauty of the Canadian countryside - a location that I'm blessed to be able to call my home.


While the Canadian Rockies are known for their splendid vistas, few views are as beautiful as the top of Sulfur Mountain. Located in Banff National Park, Alberta and requiring a lengthy gondola ride to the top, the 7600 ft. elevation allows you to see some of the most beautiful sunsets that mountain range has to offer. For the past couple of months, the Sunset Festival has been a special celebration of Banff’s remarkable sunsets, with the entire facility atop of Sulfur Mountain getting renovated and transformed into the ultimate viewing pleasure.

A struggle I had to deal with was the raging forest fires burning in Western Canada throughout the whole summer, leading to poor visibility and a general haziness that made shooting almost impossible. On our way to Banff, everything seemed to take a turn for the worst as, in addition to the smoke, it started to rain. I wasn’t sure what to expect nor did I keep my hopes up, but miraculously, when we arrived at the mountain top, the clouds parted and a sliver of the beautiful sunset managed to shine through, just begging to be captured. Although normally the smoke alongside the mountains would prove a hindrance, the perfect combination of sunshine and elevation ended up producing some pictures that would be impossible to take otherwise.

Although stormy weather threatened to ruin my trip, the perfect opportunity presented itself, and for the next few minutes, there was a beautiful, peaceful serenity on the mountain top – punctuated only by the shuttering of my camera.


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