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Woodland Wonders

Amar Sood

Amar Sood

I am a landscape photographer and chartered engineer who lives in Buckinghamshire, England. I started on this journey 18 years ago, with a humble Nikon f55 SLR. However, it wasn’t until the birth of my son in 2014 that I started taking pictures seriously. What started as a casual hobby has grown into an obsession for being outdoors and expressing myself artistically.


It’s no secret that landscape photographers like spending time in woodland. These often hidden areas of beauty can be both challenging and extremely rewarding to shoot.

The challenge (in my humble opinion) comes from trying to create a coherent composition in what is often a chaotic landscape. Whilst it's true that mist and fog help, this is only (a small) part of the answer.

The reward (for me) goes beyond creating appealing images. It comes from having the privilege of spending time in these areas at times of the day where no one else is around. There is a special atmosphere not experienced elsewhere. These areas often have their own microclimate, being a few degrees cooler than those which are just outside the woodland. The trees and their foliage also absorb sound, creating a sense of stillness and peace which can make it feel like time is standing still. The final reward comes from (hopefully!) representing all of this in the final image.

I hope these four images go some way towards achieving what I have described.

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