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Canadian Prairies

Goran Prvulovic 

Goran Prvulovic

I am a software engineer and photographer based out of Southern Alberta since 1997. First inspired by the beautiful rocky mountains that I call my home, my pictures have focused on capturing the beauty and uniqueness the world of landscape photography has to offer.


Much of Canada is covered in prairies, and while this might not sound like the most exciting of places for a photographer to shoot, these particular photos beg to differ. Taken on Nose Hill, Calgary, a well known natural area which also happens to be one of the largest city parks in North America, these pictures show off the many unique photo possibilities you can find in prairie landscapes if you’re willing to look for them.

Each photo also strives to encapsulate each of the four seasons. In some pictures, I tried to go as close to my subject as possible, but others I felt that taking a simpler, less complex approach to my photos would be better.

Another feature I’ve experimented with is using an oil paint adjustment filter in Photoshop, as you can see in the first picture. Combined with the sea of flowers, it creates an interesting, albeit subtle effect that isn’t immediately apparent but still leaves an impression on the viewer while smoothing out the rougher, less photogenic details of the trunk and grass.

A lot of people would be surprised at the amount of variety you can find in a prairie, but with some creativity and passion, you can get some spectacular pictures.

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