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Landscapes Of Eastern Greenland

Paul Hetzel

Paul Hetzel

Paul Hetzel is an amateur photographer living in Springfield, Massachusetts. His passion is photographing natural and urban landscapes. His work has been heavily influenced by workshops with Jack Holowitz and John Sexton, and studying the work of Michael Kenna and George Tice. He has published a book of images taken in Greenland.


Over the past 2 years, I reviewed and became fascinated by multiple still images and videos of the Scoresby Sound in Eastern Greenland. An `11 day photography expedition into the longest fjord in the world with periodic landings sounded ideal. It did not disappoint. Sweeping vistas, landscapes of some of the oldest rock on Planet Earth, icebergs of innumerable shapes and sizes, including a spectacular crystalline iceberg, Northern Lights, Arctic flora and fauna, all bathed in the special autumn Arctic light were a photographers dream. From pre sunrise to late at night the photographic opportunities were unending.


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