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Florida’s Endangered Landscapes

Dan Montesi

Dan Montesi

I am a guidance counsellor at a private school in Miami, Florida who enjoys the discovery of the great outdoors.


For years I have travelled all over the wonderful state of Florida photographing landscapes of state and national parks. I was returning from a trip to Tallahassee last summer when I realised that nearly all the parks I had photographed over the years were near to, or at sea-level. When you consider that sea-levels are expected to rise between four and ten feet over the next fifty years, all the landscapes I had photographed will soon be gone due to climate change.

Florida is the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" when it comes to climate change. The times we have King Tides (full moons that coincide with a high tide when the moon is also closest to the earth) it is not uncommon for the seawater to flood in the streets of Miami and Miami Beach. This collection of photographs are likely to be gone in my children's lifetime along with my Miami house. I hope to bring awareness to Florida's plight, and to inspire others to get out and enjoy our beautiful outdoors before it is gone forever.

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