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Desert Reflections

Bret Edge

Bret Edge

Bret Edge is a nature and adventure photographer in Moab, Utah. The primary focus of his work are the diverse landscapes of the Colorado Plateau.


People often view deserts as dry, barren wastelands. While this may be true of some, it certainly isn't true of the Colorado Plateau landscape surrounding Moab, Utah. The Colorado River cuts through canyons to the north, two creeks fed by mountain snowmelt and natural springs flow through the heart of downtown and summer monsoon storms leave ephemeral waterfalls and reflecting pools in their wake. Moab may be a desert, but it's anything but barren.

Landscape Arch reflects in an ephemeral pool of rainwater collected in a shallow pothole in the Devil's Garden area of Arches National Park, Utah.

A spring storm dissipates as sunset light warms the sandstone cliffs and Fisher Towers near Moab, Utah.

Delicate Arch reflects in a pothole filled with rainwater at sunset with clouds from a departing storm filling the sky above Arches National Park, Utah.

A spring thunderstorm clears at sunrise as The Organ and Three Gossips reflect in a pothole filled with rainwater in the Courthouse Towers area of Arches National Park, Utah.

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