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Fairy tales of woodlands

Claudio Neri

Claudio Neri

I am not a professional photographer, I work in the IT world since I completed my studies. This work, however dynamic and stimulating, leads me to stay in an office 5 days out of 7 for at least 8-9 hours a day and the only way to escape is to immerse yourself in nature, with its silence and its noises , his shows and his contradictions.


After a period of photographic boredom, a period in which I have practised sports and wedding photography, my interest has awakened thanks to nature.

Starting to think that there is something beyond the big vistas was my great challenge as well as looking for shots that reflect my emotions of the moment as well as a simple landscape.

To do this I started to face situations that generally avoided before, in short, I came out of my comfort zone.

This gallery represents one of these challenges: I have always tried not to photograph the trees because generally I was so engaged with the context that surrounded me, that I could not bring home photos that were worth looking at. In this gallery, along with the trees, there is always the fog that, in my opinion, adds an element of mystery and dynamism to a situation that might seem too static.

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