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Norfolk Broads on misty February mornings

David Cole

David Cole

I’m an amateur photographer who enjoys landscapes, but living in Hertfordshire means I have travel to get the sort of images that interest me. This usually means The Lakes and Scotland. Getting my LRPS just recently has encouraged me to try and publish more of my images.


A visit to the Norfolk Broads at the end of February coincided with a spell of misty, frosty mornings and blue skies during the daytime. It wasn’t at all the sort of weather I’d anticipated, but perhaps even more attractive than I’d expected. Jon Gibbs showed me some locations that looked well at sunrise as the dawn light picked out windpumps (not windmills) rising out of the mist and catching first light.

To me, they had a rather spectral ‘H G Wells – War of the Worlds’ appearance, suggestive of Martian machines striding through the Broads. And that was before we went to the pub! East Anglia is often a neglected location for landscape photography compared to the usual places seen in photo magazines, but for me, the Suffolk and Norfolk coasts never disappoint.

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