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A Midwinter Day’s Dream

Beatrice Moltani

Beatrice Moltani

I am an Italian artist based in London. I work with photography, moving images and text to evoke the chaotic passing of time when confronted with grief.


During the colder months, I find myself wondering on the shore staring at the horizon line and inevitably my mind wonders back to that summer day of 2001.

It was a dark and rough day but we were trying to make the best out of it, little did we know that it would have been one of the hardest days of our lives.

My mind still takes me back to that day and I ask myself what my uncle must’ve thought in that precise moment and how hard it must’ve been for him.

Through the years I have forgotten most memories of my uncle, the way he behaved around us or even the way he looked and I blame myself for that.

I blame myself especially because I remember every small detail regarding that day and it still plays in my head to this day, like a silent movie in slow motion.

I use photography as a medium for self-expression and as a way to channel and confront my emotions and deal with my inner struggles.

Photography for me is a window through which people can take a peak on the difficulties that are presented to me every day.

My goal is to unravel my unexplored inner world through the camera, to unearth the images hidden in the dormant parts of my brain, to understand and decipher the emotions which hold me back in my day to day life.

The images were taken both in the UK, where I am based now, and Italy, where my family live.

I rule the ocean.
I touched the shore.
The roar of it all overpowers 
Every word, every shout, every memory.

I hear the ocean.
I heard the shore.
When it screams it takes after,
The words I've heard before.

I talk to the ocean.
I speak to the shore.
When it comes close I feel a fear I've never felt.
When it comes close it takes me.

I've been consumed by the ocean.
I've been eaten by the shore.
As it talks back to me,
I know I cannot be scared anymore.

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