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Steve Gledhill

Steve Gledhill

Steve Gledhill, ARPS

I’m primarily a landscape photographer though that does encompass almost anything I find whilst out hiking. I particularly enjoy my photography when it’s building a body of work or project such as hiking The Thames Path or The Cotswold Way or Bredon Hill throughout 2016.


The sky offers an infinitely and continually varied landscape (ok, skyscape) delivered to me wherever I happen to be, at home or away, on every single day of the year. All I have to do is keep my eyes open and take my camera outside whenever something of interest presents itself.

Three of these four skies were taken from within my garden whilst the fourth was taken about 200 yards away to obtain an unobstructed view. Whilst the sky is often unexciting, sufficiently often it offers the most compelling material for photographs.

The cloud pair photograph is, surprisingly, exactly as they appeared in the frame - travelling in tandem. Whilst skies are, of course, in colour I prefer to present at least some of my skies in monochrome, particularly where there is strong shape or texture in the clouds.

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