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Daniel Wheeler

Daniel Wheeler

I'm a student of photography with a fondness for nature and landscapes. I aim to record the sights I see and the way I feel in the moment in my photography.


"Intimate photography", as it's often called, becomes increasingly popular as Landscape photographers such as myself look for substance in areas other than those with wide vistas. It doesn't take long, however, to come to the realisation that these intimate, elemental scenes can be found anywhere.

The 4 images I've chosen are examples of things that go unnoticed, hidden in plain sight. They can sometimes become unintentionally abstract as the thing that grabs our initial attention is usually shape, form, texture etc. Some scenes could be as easily stepped on as they could be walked past, but I don't think the discovery of elements such as these (as brief or as long lasting as they may be) is a result of a trained eye - it can be as simple as looking down at the ground beneath your feet.

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