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Lake MacIntosh

Kate Zari Roberts

Kate Zari Roberts

Kate has been a landscape photographer since she was 12 years old, photographing with her father using a Meteor 120 roll film camera. Since then, she has gone from 4x5, medium format and 35mm to iphone exclusively. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in the US, England, Italy, and Spain and her landscape work has been published in Home and Garden magazines and books worldwide. Kate has won numerous awards, most recently from Photo Place Gallery in Vermont and A Smith Gallery in Texas.


Lake MacIntosh has been my refuge and sanctuary for quite a few years. I've gone there in times of sadness and distress as well as happier times. I feel a deep connection with the land, the trees and the water. I've photographed there in every type of weather but love grey overcast skies the most. Every time I go there, I see something new. The lake is a continual source of inspiration. Lake MacIntosh is located in Longmont, Colorado, hence the mountain views.

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