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Leelanau Winter 2019

Jason Robert Jones

Jason Jones

Photography for me is not just an artistic expression; it is a holy commune between one's soul and the fabric of life. It's a space that when entered awakens my consciousness and like the unspoken and unconditional love between a mother and a newborn child, it is an invisible energy that connects me with my true self. It is not a badge of merit or a trophy to be placed upon a shelf, the reward is in the moment, the process and the action.


The Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan is where I have the good fortune to make my home. Yet as I have recently discovered, there is a side to the landscape I have only just begun to become acquainted with, at least from an artistic standpoint. Each year Winter descends on this rural and wild region, transforming the landscape with her snowy white veil, and opening a window of opportunity to explore a creative aspect I have not pursued in the past. Lately, I have found myself growing more and more obsessed with the concepts of minimalism, tone, shape, and form. Recently I have begun to explore these concepts and have opened my mind to not only new compositional subject matter but to making photographs in the 6x6 cm square format using black and white films. This practice has awakened my scenes and rejuvenated my passion for making images and I find myself revitalized on my life long quest as an image maker.

Through this pursuit, my style and philosophy have evolved. I have allowed myself to lift some constraints that I had in place and open the door to new creative possibilities on my path as an artist. I have enjoined working in the smaller field of focus that the square aspect provides and have begun to see tonal relationships in the landscape much clearer through the use of black and white film. I have found inspiration in the work of artists such as Michael Kenna and Bruce Percy, and while these artists have helped me to see in a new and different way, I find my own style alive, well and evolving in the process.

As a wise man named Heraclitus once said “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change “ I too find it is the only way forward, the way up and the way down. It keeps things fresh and me sharp and engaged in my work. I look forward to making pictures in this new style through all seasons of life, both the landscapes and mine. I welcome unblocked creative flow and evolution. Most of all I look forward to being outside exploring our amazing world, finding beauty both hidden and in plain sight and sharing my findings through my photographs with the world.

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