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Why are neutral density graduated filters so popular?

Getting things ‘right’ in camera

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer.


Year on year, digital sensors seem to improve, and with that, dynamic range expands. The figures look good with 11-12 stops being commonplace and the very best sensors capable of capturing 15 stops of dynamic range. This challenges or exceeds the previous benchmark, colour negative film.

Landscape images are often made in challenging, high contrast conditions, yet on the face of it most sensors – if exposed correctly – can handle that range. From the bright highlights to the deep shadows. It’s true the raw files need some work to reveal those details; fortunately, raw converters are up to the task with excellent recovery tools that can be used globally or locally.

Achnahaird, ND 0.9 grad, hard

Bisti badlands, ND 0.6 grad, medium; polariser

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