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Churches in the Landscape

Michael Cant

Michael Cant

I have been photographing for many years. For the last 15 years I have worked only in digital, mainly in monochrome. I have a particular love of photographing churches, landscapes and abandoned places - sometimes a subject will come under all of those headings.


For many years I've been fascinated by country churches. They are some of our oldest buildings and are everywhere - there's always a list of those that I want to visit and photograph. Interiors I usually photograph in colour but I often convert those images to monochrome. Exteriors I photograph using a camera converted to capture infrared (830nm for the technically minded).

I find that infrared is the right medium to show the beauty of them and also adds an air of mystery. Many years ago I used infrared film to photograph churches but I find digital infrared much more satisfying in that, using Elements and Nik software, it enables me to produce the images that I want. many country churches are in villages but some stand apart from their associated villages, surrounded by countryside - hence "Churches in the Landscape".

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