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Quiver Trees

Barry Rosof

Barry Rosof

I’m a native New Yorker, a city boy, who moved on business to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1991. After retiring I took up photography, and enjoy making images in several of its genres, including landscape.


On a camping and photo tour of South Africa’s North Cape State (North West on the Atlantic and South of Namibia) I spent several nights in the part of the Richtersveld National Park that is home to Quiver Trees (Aloidendron dichotomum).

The park, with its desert, mountains, varied geology and unusual vegetation affords the photographer many opportunities to capture interesting compositions. I was particularly taken with the Quiver Trees.

In spite of its scenic interest, the park was deserted when I was there in March, a far cry from the hordes that visit better-known locations. The remoteness, searing heat, need to camp and truck in all supplies, and the challenging roads all, undoubtedly, contribute to the absence of visitors.

I took up photography when I retired a little over ten years ago. For the most part I press the shutter button as a sidelight to other activities, be it a morning walk, a holiday trip or a concert. Images of musicians playing in Mexican bars, sea lions as well as of landscapes are among my favourites.

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