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Tiger Beach

Rod Ireland

Rod Ireland

Rod Ireland is a full-time professional photographer and qualified mountain leader living in the Lake District. With a love for the outdoors, he runs photography workshops & holidays as well as exhibiting and selling his landscape work.


I visited Dail Beag bay on the West coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides on a dull grey day. Rather than the broader view, I found myself looking at the near landscape and more specifically an area a few meters square. Breaking waves and the subsequent receding water meant the golden sand and contrasting black rock grains were constantly rearranging into an infinite variety of patterns.

Taking around two dozen shots, I'd stood in more or less the same spot for only five minutes. Despite the restriction on time and location, the scene was incredibly dynamic, endlessly shifting with the rhythm of the sea. Not my usual type of images, but always aware of the need to match my photography to the conditions I was happy with them as a set.

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