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Intimate Suffolk Landscapes

Chris Cullen

Chris Cullen

I grew up in Scotland (Edinburgh and East Lothian). I have been living in exile in Suffolk since 1993. My interest in photography dates back to about 1981. Landscape photography has always been my main focus. I shoot digital and medium format film. I return to my homeland as often as I can but I am fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of the UK. I was until very recently a local GP. After 35 years in the NHS I am now semi-retired, helping with the Covid vaccination program. Covid permitting, I now plan to spend more time on my photography.


These photographs represent an attempt to switch away from my ‘go to’ mode of photography (coastal landscapes, usually wide angle / tilt-shift) to more challenging monochrome work in more complex inland environments, using longer focal lengths. I was helped in this direction by breaking my arm! It became impossible to carry more than one camera with one lens at a time, and certainly no tripod. Here are my attempts at making some sense of the complexity of my local woodlands. All my weeks off work gave me the mental space and time to think carefully about the distillation of composition in these environments. 

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