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Torridon Trees

Steven Ball

Steven Ball

Steve Ball is a landscape photographer based in the NW of England, ideally situated between the three National Parks of Snowdonia, the Peak District, and the Lake District. His passion for landscape photography has grown significantly in the past few years and has led to the launch of his own website as a project. He is also working on a project with a friend to produce a book of images of North wales supported by individual poems.


These images were taken during my first ever photographic trip to Torridon, NW Scotland. Each tree has a story to tell, a story based on their very different locations, whether that be within ancient woodland, the edge of Loch Maree, or sitting alone on open land surrounded by mountains. The age of the trees really resonated with me, as did their fight against nature and mankind. Weather, climate change, and human intervention have clearly changed the landscape forever, and it made me wonder what I would have seen if I had stood in each location only a few decades ago.

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