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Phil Corley chooses one of his favourite images

Phil Corley

I am a keen (or is that obsessive) landscape photographer living in Cheshire (England) who loves to be outdoors practicing my photography.   To me photography is addictive; there is always something to learn – not just the techniques, not just the way to compose, nor how to handle the light; but learning how to capture the way the landscape makes me feel. I know this will be a never ending journey as around each bend there will be another scene to capture and a lot more to learn.


I always struggle when asked what my favourite picture – or who my favourite photographer – is. To me “favourite” is very transient; it all depends on my mood and where I am currently focusing my photography. If I am in a “minimalistic landscape” mood, then I would be thinking of a work by Bruce Percy; if I am in a “mountain landscape” mood, then it could be a work by Colin Prior; if I am in a “Black and White landscape” mood, then a work by Paul Gallagher; and so on.

Currently, I am focused on woodland photography and attempting to bring order through composition to the chaos of the woodland – something that is not easy (at least not to me!) So, when I was asked to write about my “favourite” picture, it was obvious to me that at this time it would be a woodland image.

One of the immense benefits of the digital age (beyond the wonderful sensors we now get in cameras) is the rise of the YouTube Channel, specifically (for me) the photography related channels. These channels provide a massive resource for all genres of photography and allow you to follow the ups, downs, and thinking of different photographers which you may not have discovered without the power of YouTube.

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