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Expressive Trees

John Roias

John Roias

I am a retired Rail worker who enjoys hiking and photography.


These four images hopefully depict my interest and passion for using ICM (in -camera-motion) and multiple exposure photography as a way to express my interest in more subtle, abstract and ephemeral imagery, as well as experimental imagery. I have read that it is overused now, so I am late to the show. I recall being attracted to ICM images from occasional examples in postings on line back in 2008.

I started to develop my skills while walking on beautiful sunny days and being frustrated at not being able to photograph because of the so-called harsh light. I discovered that one has to practice, practice, and experiment. And that actual movement of the camera has to be judicious to achieve desirable results. I strive for expression, not simply an image with movement and ICM technique. If a scene does not motivate me, no amount of ICM is going to help my depiction of it.

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