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Austrian Treescapes – Square Studies

Peter Richter

Peter Richter

As an amateur outdoor photographer, I enjoy spending a lot of time in nature and try to share my experiences. Living in Vienna, I have got a world of opportunity to visit diverse Austrian landscapes. Based at the eastern edge of the Alps, there are such different places to scout like high mountains, gorges and waterfalls, rivers like Danube and Morava and the Pannonian Steppes next to the Hungarian border. Since my youth, I am interested in graphic arts with a main focus on picture composition. Regarding digital photography, I enjoy controlling the whole workflow from exposure to fine print.


Photographing forests and trees belong to the main areas of interest for me. It is an exciting and rewarding challenge in my opinion to explore the possibilities of framing a scene within the square format. There are different compositional principles compared to other formats.

For example, it is often more appealing to place a subject in the centre of a square image than in a rectangular one. Yet a decentered placement may work as well in other cases. But this is only one aspect. There would be a lot to discuss I think.

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