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Craig Scoffone

Craig Scoffone

Craig Scoffone is a fine art photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been shooting for 30 years, and has had his works published and exhibited both domestically and internationally. In addition to his artistic pursuits of both the local and regional landscape, Craig has also amassed an extensive collection of compelling works of the figure.


With a photographic philosophy of pursuing more abstract, shape oriented compositions, and a wild west approach to what can be done in ' post ' ( digital retouching in computer, not camera ), I have often created finished works that far more resemble pop art, than the original scene he had actually hiked to.  I like to create imagery with more unique qualities, than often the case with such beautiful, but accurate, photo imagery that has already been done. Trying new ways to manipulate an image, both in camera, and later, in post, is the challenge, that keeps this artist returning to the hiking trail, as often as possible.

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