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Justine Ritchie

Justine Ritchie

I am a photographer based on the Isle of Eigg in the Inner Hebrides. My work is very much inspired by the wild, elemental landscapes and seascapes of the Scottish Highlands and Islands and reflects not only the natural world but also man’s interaction with the environment. Photography is how I can best express my way of seeing and my passion for the outdoors while also drawing attention to the fragile beauty of the wild, remote and often inhospitable places that remain threatened by climate change and the unprecedented global emergency our planet is now facing.


The air is part of the mountain…as soon as we see them clothed in air the hills become blue. Every shade of blue, from opalescent milky-white to indigo is there ~From The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd

‘Gorm’ is the Scottish Gaelic word for blue - ‘Cairngorm’ meaning ‘blue mountain’. The light in this area bathes the landscape in a surreal array of blues as described in the above quote by Nan Shepherd who spent a lifetime exploring, engaging and connecting with this wild and inhospitable highland region.

This set of images is very much inspired by the above quote and has been created using in camera multiple exposures and ICM (intentional camera movement) techniques to reveal the area's unique spirit of the place by creating abstract representations of this beautifully bleak location and in particular what it felt like to be among the colours, contours and coldness of the Cairngorms.

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