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Finding Beauty in the Fog

Leslie Landerkin

Leslie Landerkin

I am primarily a landscape photographer with a particular love for winter trees. Special scenes are found while sitting on my small stool just enjoying the surroundings; they would have been missed by walking along the path. I have been a dedicated photographer for almost 6 years.


Landscapes in the marsh and along the canal can be cluttered making it more challenging to isolate the scene. But with fog comes the opportunity to discover and capture the beauty more simply. Images made in fog allow the photographer the opportunity to be selective in making the image and in processing.

The latter by deciding how much will show through the fog in the background. Portfolio images were made in northern Virginia, USA along the water near the Potomac River. "Through the Fog" was made along the C&O Canal Towpath and the others were made in the marsh at Huntley Meadows. I frequently photograph both locations throughout the year but fog increases their magic.

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