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Mist on the Canal

Gaetana Ebbole

Gaetana Ebbole

I have always loved to carry my camera on my early morning walks with my puppy. For many years, when I worked full time, I carried a point and shoot and just simply enjoyed taking pictures. When I retired from full time I took up photography, an avocation (almost full time) and have been developing my skills with a changeable lens camera and learning post processing. I just love to be out with my camera shooting.

On the C&O Canal in the Maryland side of Great Falls is a section of the canal that has wide water, forming almost a lake. We love arriving early morning for sunrise and are always excited when we are driving across the bridge over the Potomac River from Virginia to see mist/fog hanging over the river. We arrive just before light and head down to the canal which runs parrell to the river. When we see the mist/fog hanging over the canal we know we are in for a magical treat!


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