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Alex Hare

Alex Hare

My passion is finding new landscapes and discovering new ideas connected to the landscape. Photographing Kent has been a wonderful antidote to the masses of images that appear of well known locations and I’m currently finalising my forthcoming photo guidebook ‘Photographing Kent’, published by Fotovue. Through my Kent workshops and Tripod Travels photo tours I use my experience to encourage photographers to follow their vision and show us their unique perspective on the landscape.


There’s a growing theme in the landscape community around what we can collectively do to mitigate climate change.

The idea of travelling far and wide for stunning experiences and landscapes has long been an uncomfortable contradiction for me and the majority of my photography has, for the last few years, focussed on creating the best possible landscape photos within Kent, where I live. I’ve found this a very rewarding, challenging and creative experience and one location I’ve come to love is Reculver.

Originally a Roman fort, it was then adopted by Saxons and turned into a church. Today it stands tall overlooking the Thames Estuary and it inspires me every time I’m there. It’s a versatile location that has something to offer throughout the year from various angles and it typifies my journey exploring Kent as a fresh hunting ground for creating landscape photographs away from the well beaten track and without travelling far from home.

A view of the Reculver Towers at sunset

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