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The West Coast

James W. Fortune

James W. Fortune

James W. Fortune is a multi-disciplined professional photographer and artist from the North East of England, with a strong affliction for landscape photography. Growing up by the sea, James loves to shoot seascapes and can often be found around his local coastline, but is just as comfortable in the mountains, countryside and forests.


I may have studied in Edinburgh, but my heart is quite literally torn in two when it comes to my feelings towards Scotland. My family and I have been visiting the West for coming up to a decade, with a particular focus on the Inner Hebrides. I quickly found myself utterly enchanted by the area, which meant that the occasional visit with the family quite simply wasn't enough. This has resulted in multiple road trips (both in company and solo), a long standing love affair and a proposal of marriage (to my fiancee, not the land!) in the area.

The landscape is as varied as the weather and seems to be an area that can both accommodate and bewitch any visually orientated person. It can challenge and surprise on any day, providing a nigh on constant source of inspiration for me. Heading back is one of the highlights of my calendar.

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