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Photo Book Making

The Final Piece of the Creative Process

Alex Hare

Alex Hare

During an education in photojournalism, Alex discovered landscape photography but was side-tracked into the legal profession via a stint in the Marines. He never dropped photography though and during this time Alex honed his skills, earned his first agency contracts and won awards for his landscape photography. Alex finally found a career in photography however and is now supplying clients with his landscape images, teaching photography to Undergraduate students and has been running workshops for nearly twenty years.


A good book is the purest essence of a human soul. -Thomas Carlyle, (1795 – 1881) Scottish historian and essayist, from a speech made in support of the London Library Carlyle and the London Library (F. Harrison)

The thrill of being in the landscape and creating our photographs is a major part of the joy of what we do.

But, if you’re like me, it can be very easy to move on to the next shoot without ‘doing something’ with what we’ve created and accumulating a growing backlog of material yet to see the light of day.

Avoiding a cycle of production limited only to capturing the landscape on camera means we must, at some point, turn our attention to displaying our work and considering how we want to do this.

If singling out only one or two photos for framing on limited wall space, or posting to the vastness of social media for fleeting moments of glory has left you wondering about other options, then I suggest making your own photo books might be the answer.

Alex Hare BookMaking 007

Some finished books indicating a variety of style and approach with some covered in paper and some covered in material.

Photobooks offer a convenient and enjoyable way to get a large amount of work off the hard drive and on display in a beautifully produced form which can if you wish, include home printing.

Placed in the hands of the viewer, a photo book has wonderful, tactile qualities that form part of the experience of engaging with our work which an electronic experience cannot come even remotely close to.


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