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Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

I am a keen amateur photographer having bought my first DSLR in late 2015 though I'd always appreciated viewing landscape photos. I've always loved being by the sea and with it being so close seascapes are my main subject.


Andrew Simpson - 4x4

Keiss Castle is perched precariously on eroding cliffs just outside the village of Keiss, it is a popular subject and living locally if I just want to go out for a few hours or less it's my goto place. It's constantly changing with it getting light almost all year long and the weather is generally on the stormy side but it can be calm. These are just a selection that cover these conditions and talen within the same 50 yards.

Andrew Simpson - Keiss castle

Andrew Simpson - Keiss castle 2

Andrew Simpson - Keiss castle 3

Andrew Simpson - Keiss castle 4

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