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Three Days in Stokksnes

Oleg Ershov

Oleg Ershov

I am an amateur landscape photographer based in Moscow, Russia. Spend all my free time with photo camera in Iceland, Scotland, and US Southwest.


Oleg Ershov 4x4

Stokksnes peninsula with Vestrahorn mountains is my favourite photo location in Iceland, probably because my first work noted at the international photo contest in 2013 made here.

Cliffs with snowy peaks, black sand dunes with yellow grass, and stunning lagoon are as if created for landscape photography.

When I travelled with a photo group, I never had enough time in this remote place. During my last visit in February, I specifically chose a hotel nearby and spent three days there. I was lucky – the weather changed several times, and I was even able to take a picture of the northern lights.

For this set, I picked up four vertical shots made according to one scheme. Having a powerful Vestrahorn in the background, the task came down to finding an interesting foreground.

Oleg Ershov - Stokksnes

Oleg Ershov - Stokksnes 2

Oleg Ershov - Stokksnes 3

Oleg Ershov - Stokksnes 4

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