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Winter Trees

Xavier Arnau Bofarull

Xavier Arnau Bofarull

I am an amateur photographer based on the Taunus Range, a mountain near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I have no formal training in either art or photography. Since five years I try to improve my skills on Landscape Photography, and as a member of a Photo Club I took part in some Exhibitions.


Xavier Arnau Bofarull 4x4

I use to work with Projects, that is to say, working on a theme, a region, a pond, and so on. But as winter had just ended, things weren’t, unfortunately, as usual. We have to stay at home for days. A time suitable for looking for books in our library that we haven‘t read for a long time.

I found a book that seemed appropriate: Winter Trees, of Sylvia Plath. As I read the first stanza of the poem Winter Trees, suddenly, I saw the portfolio.

Xavier Arnau Bofarull- Winter Trees Xavier Arnau Bofarull- Winter Trees 2 Xavier Arnau Bofarull- Winter Trees 3 Xavier Arnau Bofarull- Winter Trees 4

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