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Solo exhibition

Margaret Soraya

Margaret Soraya is a professional landscape photographer based in the Highlands of Scotland. She has a passion for the coast and waves in particular and frequently travels solo around the Scottish islands in pursuit of the perfect wave.


"Quiet",  Margaret Soraya’s solo exhibition opens at the Taunus Gallery in Frankfurt on Saturday 31st Oct and runs through until January 2021.

Margaret Soraya is a Scottish landscape photographer, who has been visiting the Hebrides for over ten years in search of solitude, a positive state of aloneness that allows her the creative space to capture the untouched beauty of the islands’ rugged coastline and endless beaches. Margaret's artistic interpretation of stormy seas reminds us that strength may be found in quietness and solitude, allowing creativity to flourish.

Solitude is a positive state which can stimulate self-awareness and creativity. We all need periods of solitude to restore body and mind.

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Margaret uses minimalist compositions with a very limited colour palette and tone, only allowing the Hebrides’ distinctive turquoise sea to stand out. A gentle mood and feeling of peacefulness is conveyed by the use of soft, overcast lighting complemented by a softness to the impressionist waves and swash on the beaches created by the use of long exposures.

As a child, my earliest and most significant and happiest memories belong to days spent by the sea. The sound of waves crashing, the smell of sea air, feel of sand bring with them associations of contentment and an affinity with water. This has become the driving force behind much of my landscape photography ~ Margaret Soraya

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Taunus Foto Galerie will be open for all on Saturday 31 Oct and Sunday 1 Nov to show guests around Margaret’s work, along with a glass of sparkling wine.  The Covid pandemic means that we cannot hold a normal exhibition opening, but we will show a welcome video from Margaret, as she cannot be here in person. Please see www.taunusfotogalerie.com/en/gallery 

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